Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fabulous Five

My sweet little Hay-hay is 5 years old today! I just can't believe it!!! Yesterday we had a little cousin party at Leo's Pizza. Before we went to the pizza place, Haley had a well check appointment with our doctor. (I'm trying to get her registered for Kindergarten). The doctor's office scheduled her for a well check up and said they couldn't do shots until the week after (due to scheduling). When we got to the doctors office, the nurse said, "Do you want to get shots today?" We weren't planning on it, but I decided to do it. I thought Haley was only going to have 3 such luck. They ended up giving her 5! Poor little girl got more then she bargained for! She was very sad, and I kept wondering why the crap I decided to do that right before her party! But, once we got there, she got out of the car and started playing with cousins and forgot all about it. (I think all the movement at the party was actually good to help her legs from getting sore.)

Haley woke up in the night was a nasty fever (probably because of the shots) Luckily, this morning she is feeling pretty good, aside from sore legs, and is ready to PARTY!

-Ice cream! She always wants to go get some when we drop the kids off at school. I always remind her that she can't have that for breakfast.
-Popsicles (She calls them poxiples)
-Makeup, dress-up, anything to be beautiful
-Playing the Wii
-Watching Sponge Bob and Barbie movies


J and J said...

What a sweet cute girl, Happy Birthday Hayley! You've been busy since I have been able to check my blogs. I'm so glad your little family is safe from their accident. Scary stuff! Sorry you were in so much pain! glad your better! I think you should go for it with the doctor. Show him your appreciation!

Heather Davies said...

I swear that is what Chase is going to look like when she gets older! She is so stinkin' cute! Hope she doesn't have to get 6 shots when she turns 6! :)

NatureGirl said...

I hope the divine Miss H knows how much I have loved watching her grow up!