Thursday, March 25, 2010

When it rains, it pours....kinda stinks!

As you can see from older posts, we just had to replace John's car. The money we received from the insurance company was not enough to purchase the next we had to cough up some extra money for that.

The night we picked up John's new car, I followed him in our van. All that day, I noticed that the front window of the van kept fogging up. It seemed to be getting worse that night. We took the van to the shop to find out that it was blowing antifreeze out, onto the window. The shop called and said there was a leak in the heater core, and that it would be $500+ buckaroos to fix.

The morning after dropping the van off, I loaded my dishwasher and pressed start. I stood in the kitchen and noticed that the darn thing was not washing. The last few days we noticed that it was running rather loud. It was really bugging me too, because we just purchased it a year and 1/2 ago. But that morning, it decided not to work at all. I called the store where we had purchased the dishwasher to hear that the warranty was only good for a year. OF COURSE! The associate told me that I could try calling the Whirlpool 800 number. I called them, they were not much help, so I gave the poor lady on the other line a piece of my mind. Didn't help the dishwasher plight, but I felt a little better. I decided to call the "fix it guy". (He has been fixing appliances for my parents for YEARS and I have also used him a time or two.) He came and looked at the dishwasher and said that it was the motor! The price of a new motor...$200+ and that doesn't include installation! ERRRRGG! He recommended that I call Whirlpool. So, I got on the phone right then and called them back. The associate at Whirlpool basically told me that it was beyond the year warranty. I grumbled and told him that it was a NEW machine and should not be giving me problems. I told him that I wanted to talk to a supervisor. He told me that he would get in trouble if he let me talk to a supervisor. I basically told him that I didn't care, and still wanted a supervisor. After being put hold for a minute, the same guy returned and offered to ship me a new motor for FREE, but I would have to pay to have it installed. DONE!

Cost of John's new car + Van repair + New dishwasher motor installation = Broke baby!


Dr. John Owen said...

UNCLE...UNCLE...UNCLE!!!! Somebody make it stop!

Heather Davies said...

I am not envying your situation! Jeez, can't a lady get a break around here?!

attack of The Mouse said...

I feel your pain. I'm proud of you that you got the motor for free. I just got off the phone with the phone company charging me $21.00 extra for their mistake, and they insist I must pay it. I am going to have to resort to letting DH take care of the problem. Seriously. The madder I get on the phone, the more they dig their hills in and when DH calls, they give in. I think I need to take some lessons from you. You go girl.
PS I'm sorry about the van, car, and dishwasher. Hang in there. :)

Erin said...

Things come in three's right? So you should be done for a LONG LONG time!

Tai said...

Oh I am so sorry! That seriously stinks!! I hate repairs and stuff like that... only a year and a half old, they should have replaced the motor! Isn't their good name worth anything??? And I love it that you are supposed to care that he just might get into trouble if he has to get a supervisor, um let me think... tell someone who cares!!

Emily Andrus said...

There is nothing worse than having to spend money on stuff like that. I remember after we had been living in CA for about a year, we got a bill for $1500 from the state of CA for the Toyota Prius we bought in ID before we moved out to dental school. It was a trade-in and so by Idaho law, there was no tax. But CA wasn't having it. That really threw our dental budget for a loop. Nothing like the unforseen pain in the behind. I feel your pain. And unfortunately, it does no good to fight it. Hopefully you'll be out of the woods for awhile now. :)