Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Recent Happenings

We heard back from the Insurance Company that John's car was considered totalled. We have been spending the last little while looking for a car. John would absolutely LOVE to have a truck but alas, the cost of a truck far exceeds our budget. Maybe a few years down the road. We have gone car shopping a few times. It blows my mind how much a NEW car costs these days. We were shocked that a tiny little car without many bells or whistles starts at around $10,000+. What blows my mind even more is that many High School students drive around in these brand new cars.

I just remember how hard my brothers were on the car they drove in High School. It was a white Buick that we referred to as the "W.T." (white trash) It was a nice "grandma" car before they polished it off. Once they got a hold of it, it smelled like B.O., fast food, stinky feet, farts, you name it. I'm quite certain the car we buy for our children to drive will be nowhere near new, and hopefully will fair a little better then the W.T..

Brynn is playing in the grade school Orchestra. She has violin practice every day after school. (They bus the kids over to the Junior High) Brynn recently had her first concert. I was pleasantly surprised at how well they sounded. The violin can be quite "screechy" if not played properly. She just seems to have a natural ability with the violin and I hope that she will continue to play it.

A couple of nights ago we went to the church for the annual Pinewood Derby. This was the first time we have ever had to make a car. When I say "we" made a car, I mean John and Jace....mostly John. I'm not sure we know all the "tricks of the trade" with the making of a Pinewood Derby car. I'm also not sure that I really care. Jace said before we left, "I don't want to come in first, and I don't want to come in last." I was glad he wasn't that concerned with winning. Jace's car ended up as the 3rd runner up, and I think he was completely satisfied. It doesn't take much to please that sweet little guy.

Jace's car is in the lead....go Jacey GO!

Haley turned 5 and had a total blast opening all her presents. I think her favorite one was a little soft kitty. She sleeps with it every night along with her other animals. I love how she always looks like she is being attacked.

Haley loves to sleep with her dog. She affectionately calls him "barf-barf" (Don't ask me why)

Riley is done with the basketball season and is now on to track. She just had her first practice yesterday. This morning she wanted me to bend down and pick up a book up off the floor for her. I was thinking...what? Why can't you do it? She told me never mind, and I watched her and realized that she was very sore from yesterdays practice.

I am excited to go watch her track meets and you can bet-cher-buns that I will have my camera with me, documenting it every step of the way. Crazy Camera Lady! I'll try not to embarrass you too much Riley!


Heather Davies said...

Love the updates! haha, especially about WT. Unfortunately I had to be the LAST of the family to drive that beauty. Luckily it died so I got a better car! ha! Anyway, I hope that car search gets better, and I love seein those cute kids of yours. Keep being the "Crazy Camera Lady"! :)

Peterson Pack of Wild Dogs said...

John does NOT have the best luck when it comes to cars. I still remember Indy and the geo. I still tell that one.

Dr. John Owen said...

Neither of those were my fault! This kid and THAT TRAIN both jumped out in front of me. I swear!