Friday, March 19, 2010

Flashback Friday

Whenever my parents go out of town, I am kind of their go-to gal. They always ask me to get their mail while they are gone, water the plants, whatever needs to be done. Last year while they were out of town, I went over to their house to get their mail and do a few things.

When I entered their garage, I could smell something. It wasn't a good smell. It wasn't one that you wanted to linger in your nose. It was more of a dry-heave smell.

As I approached the door to the house, I passed by the outside fridge and noticed blood coming out of the freezer door. It was running about 20 feet into the garage. The first thing out of my mouth..."Oh my h-e-double hockey sticks", or something close to it.

I opened the freezer to find that the meat had defrosted, due to some ice on the door. P.S. The freezer was completely FULL of meat. I instantly knew that it was MY responsibility to fix it....oh goody...quick, sign me up!! My mom and dad were not coming back for a few days. I couldn't just let it sit there, waiting for them when they got home. (Although it was tempting)

First, I called my dad and he told me to put all the defrosted meat into some garbage cans, put the cans in the back of his pickup, and drive them to the garbage dump. Are you flippen kidding me?

When I hung up with my dad, I realized that the bloody meat would get quite heavy in the garbage cans. So, I decided to call my sister Monica and see if she could help me. I sprayed out the garage, and loaded all the meat into the garbage cans. It filled two garbage cans. Monica arrived and helped me lift the cans into the pickup.

When we arrived at the garbage dump, the smells were 20x as bad as my parents garage. It was so ripe and putrid smelling there!! I've been there before, and this day was worse then ever before.

We hopped out of the pickup and I immediately started to dry-heave. I was gagging so bad that my eyes were watering and I thought that I was going to pee my pants. I crossed my legs and held on to the side up the pickup....and continued to dry heave with my legs crossed. I could not for the life of me stop dry-heaving. Poor Monica knew that she was on her own. She managed to muscle both garbage cans out of the back of the pickup, and dump them. I'm sure that if anyone was watching they were doubled over laughing. I'm sure I was quite a sight.

Every time Monica and I talk about this, we just can't stop laughing! I could not have done this without Monica. My kids think that I was so brave to open a freezer that had blood running out of it. They say, "Weren't you scared that you would find a body in there?" Oh my goodness...I think they have seen one too many scary things on T.V.


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NatureGirl said...

Ok...I am with the first thought was "body" too. I would have run like H E double hockey sticks...or something like that! Your life is never boring...lucky!

Peterson Pack of Wild Dogs said...

I'll bet the guys at the dump were super glad they were on shift that day. You might want to check YouTube and make sure you're not on there. That is so funny. And...after so many kids, it doesn't take much to pee your pants. You're so funny Heidi.