Monday, May 24, 2010

Busy Weekend

Friday-- This weekend was the Father/Son Camp out in our ward. John and Jace went, and had a good time. I think Jace was so glad to have his dad all to himself! They camped at Wright Creek which is near Green Canyon Hot Springs. They were able to go swimming at Green Canyon (swimming is always a highlight for Jace).

The same night was the Mother/Daughter Activity Days party. Brynn and I went to the church for a "beach style" party. We ate hot dogs, fruit, veggies, chips, and root beer floats. They provided lots of nail polish for us to paint our finger nails and toe nails. It was nice to get away with Brynn.

Saturday Morning-- The students in Honor Society went to Lagoon for the day. Riley was excited to go with all her friends. I had to drop her off at the Junior High at 6:45 a.m. and they didn't get home until about 9:15 pm.. She had a great time going on all the rides. She always likes the roller coaster type rides. Riley even went on the Sky Coaster. Here is a little description of that ride...
flyers are approximately 143 feet above the ground, and their flight is ready to begin. Upon being given the signal, the flyers pull the ripcord, releasing themselves from the launch cable to rapidly swing toward the ground at speeds reaching up to 80 mph. The overall feeling is similar to that of swooping along the ground in a hang glider, or of skydiving.
She is trying to talk me into going on that ride next time we go to Lagoon. I think I'll pass!

Saturday, (while John and Jace were camping, and Riley was at Lagoon) I took Brynn and Haley to see a movie (they felt like they needed something fun to do too!) Brynn wanted to see The Last Song with Miley Cyrus. It was a pretty good show. All in all, a fun-busy weekend!

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