Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Nine...and feelin' FINE

Jace, AKA...Mr. Wilson, Wilsonator, Jacey-Boy, Little Buddy, turns the big 9 today! I am struggling to figure out how he went from 2 to 9 so quickly!

A few things about Jace...
1. He is almost ALWAYS happy and smiling! I love this about him!!! If he is sad, he bounces back SO quickly! You can always find him humming or singing a little tune.
2. He LOVES to play the Nintendo, Wii, Nintendo DS...any little gadget that he can get his hands on. He is very good at it...I'm afraid a little too good. (Guess I better clamp down on that a little more).
3. He is so sweet to his little sister Haley! He loves her and always has her best interest in mind. When he was picking out a birthday present yesterday, he wanted to buy something that Haley would like too. He equally loves Riley and Brynn, but likes to harass them a little because the "police" him a little too much.
4. He is so obedient and likes to please John and I. He really doesn't want to do anything that would make us unhappy with him.
5. He is just a GREAT kid and we are SO incredibly happy that he is in our family!! Love you buddy!!
Some pictures of Jacey Boy....

Halloween costume...Mario!!

Grandma A and Jace.

Jace and John--taken in our apartment in Indiana.

Always such a tan little bugger!

All the kids on the top bunk bed in Indiana.

For a long time, Jace was petrified of getting his picture taken at a studio. Yes, he is sitting on my lap in this picture. Too funny!

Such a car lover as a little boy! He used to "smuggle" cars home from his friend Tyler's house. I always had to pat him down before we left.


Heather Davies said...

He is such a cutie! I love how excited he is about life! He's always on the go, and he really is happy all the time! Happy birthday Jacey Boy!!

Kristy and Casey said...

Heidi your girls look just like you! What a cute family...loved looking at your blog.

J and J said...

Cute boy! So big!!