Thursday, May 6, 2010

Induction into Honor Society

Last night was Riley's induction into Honor Society. They had two great guest speakers and a short candle lighting ceremony. After that, they had all the students come up one by one. When they called Riley's name, I noticed that the clapping and shouting got a little louder. I think that Riley is well liked. It made me feel happy. She is just a well rounded girl! I should take some lessons from her.

Guest speakers. They both did a great job. The girl had a stroke a couple of years ago. She was inspiring to listen to. It makes you appreciate your own set of trials.

Mr. H, reading the names. He's a great guy! He used to be Riley's basketball coach.

It was hard to capture a picture of Riley. She just cruised across the stage. Crappy lighting + lots of movement = Poopie pictures.

My little "Chatty-Cathy"

I was impressed with how many 7th grade students are in Honor Society. Riley has a great group of friends. I hope that they will all continue to make good choices. When the program was over, they served refreshments in the lunch room.

Riley and her best friend, Heidi.


J and J said...

I have similar pictures to post about Brandon. Way to go Riley!! Looks like it was on the same night!

Erin said...

I can't get over how much she looks like you! Sounds like she is a lot like you too.