Sunday, September 20, 2009

My Life

This is a poem inspired by my life...and it goes...

Piano books strewn all about,
Want to pull my last hair out.

Toothpaste globs lined in the sink,
Makes me want to have a drink.

Skiddies in kids underware,
Oh my gosh, I'm going to swear!

Floors covered were er you roam,
Can this really be my home?

It seems my work is never done,
And it's NOT always much fun.

Sometimes I'd just like to quit,
And I really throw a fit!

Even still I'd never trade,
And I know the days WILL fade.

Some days I'm feeling very stressed,
But I know that I'm so blessed.

Having gotten that off my chest,
It's my FAMILY that I love best!


Erin said...

Love it!!!!

Heather Davies said...

hahaha! Awesome. P.S. I like your new background.

Tai said...

Cute Poem Heidi!!

J and J said...

Love it! It's what life's all about. It's all the better if we can learn to laugh instead of scream!!