Thursday, June 18, 2009

Stomach Flu + Passing Out = Emergency Room

Okay, so it's already been one of those weeks, and it AINT over yet. A big time flu bug has draped itself over my parents house, my house, and my brothers and sisters houses. If it hasn't hit them yet...I'm sure that it will. It seems like nobody can escape it, even the tough adults. It's the gift that just keeps on giving. The phrase that keeps going through my head is... "Going to Hell in a handbasket" (an American alliterative phrase of unclear origin, which describes a situation headed for disaster without effort or in great haste.)

Our nephew, Shade, is visiting right now from Arizona. (What a time to be here).

So...Monday night we went to a pizza place that has lazer tag, slides, etc. On the way home Haley informed me that her tummy hurt (music to a mom's ears). I knew, due to the circumstances, that the inevitable would happen...puke, barf, throw up, blow chunks, what ever you want to call it. I pulled over and let her out. We sat there for a few minutes and nothing happened. So, I decided to just get her home quick. I looked for something in the van that could catch the "stuff" and all I could find was a frisbee. Needless to say, the frisbee was put to good use on the way home. All Monday night Haley was putting "stuff" in a bucket.

The next day I felt sick and probably laid on my bed for 90% of the day. Can you say Bed Sores? Luckily or maybe unluckily nothing ever happened. Sometimes you just feel better getting the "stuff" out. Sad to say, when you are the mom no one is there to take care of you. The kids were on-their-own-neglected-children that day.

Then we get to Wednesday. We all felt pretty good most of the day, that is until night. Why does it always "go down" at night. Last night Riley told me that she didn't feel well. When I went to bed I kept hearing noises and seeing lights turned on and off in the kitchen. Finally, I heard a loud noise and thought I better get up and investigate. I found Brynn setting up a bed on the couch. She told me that Riley was throwing up and she didn't want to get sick. I just figured that Riley had it all under control, so I went back to bed. A few minutes later, my bedroom light was flipped on. Riley is standing there crying, bleeding, white as a ghost, and filthy with "stuff". While she was downstairs being sick, she got light-headed and passed out....TWICE!! On the way down she somehow majorly cut her arm open. I felt soooooo bad for not checking on Riley. She could have used my help and I was just cozy in bed.
John jumped up and took Riley to the Emergency Room. She had to have 10 stitches in her arm. OUCH!!

I was the lucky one left here to clean up the C.S.I. looking bedroom and bathroom. Oh, and did I mention that the "stuff" was coming out both ends --in her bed. Okay, okay, okay I know T.M.I., but you will not fully appreciate my night unless you re-live it with me. I cleaned up the "stuff", blood, bedding, etc. If you don't own a pair of rubber gloves, I would highly recommend that you invest in a pair. You can clean up just about anything with a pair of rubber gloves. (I lease with an option to that quote from the movie---Fletch)

The terrifying fact of the matter is that this has not hit- John, Brynn, Jace, and our lucky house-guest Shade.....................YET.

Let the nightmare begin!


Elaine said...

Oh, Heidi, I wouldn't wish that night on my worst enemy. I'm so sorry.

McKelle said...

ouch!!!!!I really hope that my family didn't get your family sick Aunt Heidi. :(

Peterson Pack of Wild Dogs said...

How did that all pan out? Did it hit everyone? They had a nasty flu going on here too. We were lucky enough to get the goat blood on our door frames though and the bug passed our house. The flu is seriously the worst and that ER visit looked pretty brutal. I am sorry that everyone was sick. Hopefully you're all on the mend. I've been slacking on the blog part of my duties. I hope you're good Heidi!