Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Random Happenings

There have been several different things that I have wanted to post about lately. This post is just a couple of random things that have happened that I don't want to forget.

Riley is going to a Junior High with 3 of her cousins, one of which she sees regularly. In fact, she has 3 classes with Stockton. A couple of weeks ago they were in Math class together. The teacher asked a question and everyone just kind of sat there. Riley said that no one was giving an answer, so she finally raised her hand and answered it. Apparently, the teacher made a comment about how Riley was a math wizard or genius...something to that effect. At that moment, Stockton started clapping. Pretty soon, the entire class was clapping for Riley. I asked her what her teacher did when the clapping broke out. She said she was too embarrassed to look at him, she was just smiling at Stockton. I think that is just so hilarious!! Junior High is a hard time. I'm glad that Riley has some great cousins to help her through it.

Here is a picture of the two of them when they were much younger.

Haley is loving preschool SO much. She comes home and tells me that she wants to be a teacher when she gets big. Today in preschool they were learning about Dental Health. A subject that we are all very familiar with around here. Haley was too cute when I went to pick her up. I just had to come home and take a picture of her.

Sunday, the Primary Presidency gave pictures to all the kids. The pictures were of Jesus and President Monson. I was passing by the fridge and noticed this...

Then Haley said pointing, "Did you see Johnson?" I looked over, wondering what she was talking about. (She was referring to President Monson, as Johnson.) At first I didn't know what she was talking about. She said it again, "Did you see Johnson?" I finally realized what she was talking about. I had to hold back my laugh and tell her how to say his last name. She is still working on it. She was so proud of her picture frame for President Monson.


Heather Davies said...

hahaha! That is SO hilarious. Haley never ceases to crack me up. Johnson...classic. It's so funny what kids will say because they think that's what they hear. We've gotta get up there and see those cuties.

J and J said...

so cute! I love how innocent! I'm glad Riley is making it through Middle School, Brandon loves it too! Good friends help!

Tai said...

That is so fun to have a cousing in your class. What a cute kid to start clapping. Junior High is hard. That is nice to be around family during that time!!

Peterson Pack of Wild Dogs said...

What a blessing to have such a sweet cousin to cheer her on! Junior High is the worst, but it doesn't sound like it will be all that bad when you have such a supportive pack of cuz's!!!