Friday, May 27, 2011

Busy day...

On Wednesday, Brynn participated in the 6th grade track meet.  Her school competed against several other schools in the area.  The events she took part in were softball throw and the shot put. She cut her toe a couple of days ago and it is still healing, so she didn't do any of the running events. It was fun to go watch her and it was such. a. nice. day! We don't get many days like that in the Spring. I could have sat out in the sun all day...just felt so good!

Brynn and her best friend Whitney
After the track meet I went to take treats to Jace's class for his birthday.  He was excited to see me come.  I think he enjoyed being the "star of the show".  It was cute to see how embarrassed he was when they sang to him.  Look at that red face below!
I love Jace's expression!  Can you say excited?  I also have to mention that
he has the BEST teacher this year!  We LOVE her!
Later in the evening we went to Riley's choir concert. It was the last concert of the year and they sounded great.

Our friend Caleb played for a girl to sing.  He was amazing!
Riley's cousin Parker was also in the concert
Cute Riley and her cute friend Terrica
After the concert we zipped home to continue on with the birthday celebration.  Needless to say, we all got to bed pretty late that night.  Busy, but fun day!

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