Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Powder Puff Football

Monday night was the annual Powder Puff Football game at the High School.  The first game was the Junior girls against the Freshmen girls.  The game was a close one.  The Freshmen girls gave the Junior girls a run for their money.  (I think they were given a little help by the officials.) 
The second game was the Senior girls against the Sophomore girls (Riley's team).  I had heard that this group of Senior girls had never lost a Powder Puff game.  So, I was a bit nervous for Riley and her team.  I didn't want them to go out there and get killed.  One of the coached for the Sophomore girls was my nephew Stockton.  It was almost as fun watching the coaches as it was the girls.  They wanted their team to win so bad.  The final score of the game was 14-14.  Nicely done Sophomore girls!!  The Senior team advanced (who knows why...I guess because they are Seniors) to the final game---Juniors against Seniors.  I don't think Riley's team cared that much.  I think they were just glad to have given the Senior girls a good run.
Jace and his cousins Quin and Carson.
Riley holding the ball for the kick...

My nephew Parker was one of the cheerleaders for the game.
He is in the white sweater with his back to the camera.

Riley HAD to have Peyton Manning's number.  Some girl on her team got the shirt with the 18 and Riley somehow convinced her to let her wear it in the game.  After the game, they traded shirts back.  Riley is so in love with Peyton Manning.

Stockton and Riley
This picture shows a little back in the day Powder Puff action.  This is a picture of my Powder Puff team when I was a Junior.  And yes, we beat the Seniors that year.  Let me just say, I don't think they were too happy. 

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