Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What we have been doing recently...

Well, we are starting to get a little more settled in the new house.  We still have boxes and crap in the garage.  Not sure I am quite ready to tackle some of it yet.  Haley still has the majority of her toys, etc. in the garage.  Not too excited about bringing all that in.

John was off work for a few days last week, so we were able to get quite a few things done.  I guess you could say he was able to cross some things off his "honey-do" list.  Change outlet out, hang kayaks, hang chandelier in Haley's room, fix elliptical, hang heavy decorations, help plant garden, etc., etc., etc.
We also had our kitchen, dining room, living room painted.  It just seemed like the color of all those rooms clashed with our furniture and decorations.  It looked a little too peachy in color, so we had to change it.  We added a darker tan and a splash of red.  I don't think you can fully appreciate the difference in color in these pictures, but you get the idea.  From the looks of it, I need to clean off my fridge.  Goodness!
This past weekend, Riley went to her first Prom.  She looked very pretty.  She went with a boy named Jake.  She calls him her "boyfriend".  I shan't be saying what a think about his boy, or I might get myself in trouble.  I could go on and on about how I feel about him, or rather what I would like to do TO him, but I will keep that to myself.  I just have to say that he better mind his P's and Q's because this woman has a little crazy in her and there is no telling what could happen if you tick her off.  So, there. Be warned.
Brynn just played in her final orchestra concert.  She was concert mistress this time, and she did such a good job.  Not only did she play with the orchestra, but she played in a quartet.  It was great!!  She is getting better and better all the time on the violin!  I love it! 
There is some nice little "red-eye" action going on in these two pictures, but I am too lazy to fix it.

The weather is starting to get a little warmer....FINALLY!  It's nice when the kids can go outside and play.  This is something they did recently.  Wadding pool, full of water, trampoline.  Can't wait for summer.

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