Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Seventeen years ago this Valentine's Day, John and I got engaged. I cannot believe that it has been 17 years. It is just amazing how fast time zips by. First of all, yes, we got engaged on Valentine's Day. I thought that it was too predictable to get engaged on Valentine's Day, so I was definitely NOT expecting the proposal on that day. It was late on Valentine's Day and we had just eaten dinner. We drove home from school to my sister Lori's house. We sat and watched t.v. with Lori and Clay. John froze the wedding ring in an ice cube. As we sat and drank ice "diamond" water, Clay kept chomping on his ice and saying how much he loved to chew ice. He kept looking at me with a sheepish grin on his face. I was trying to figure out why Clay and Lori kept looking at me. Finally I bit into an ice cube and heard a "clank" at the bottom of the cup. I looked down in the glass and.......the rest is history.

I am lucky and grateful to be married to such a great guy, and here are 17 reasons why....
1. John is so patient and kind to me even when I am bossy and mouthy (I tend to get that way sometimes or I should say a lot of times.)
2. John has a way of making ALL people feel important. Several of his patients have told me that they love him and are going to go away on vacation with him. I just laugh and smile (only because they are old enough to be his mom or I would punch their lights out).
3. He is very unselfish.
4. John is a great dad and would do ANYTHING for his kids.
5. He works very hard to provide for his family.
6. John can make a mean Mexican dish. He is a great cook and my family rants and raves about some of the dishes he makes. They refer to him as "Juan-e-lingo".
7. He has a great smile and laugh.
8. He has a strong testimony of the gospel.
9. John likes to cuddle and hug his wife and kids. He is the official "back or arm tickler" for the kids. They feel loved. He is a pro at foot rubs for me!
10. John is very patient with the kids and is great about not "blowing his stack" unlike someone else who shall remain nameless.
11. He puts his family first before any of his hobbies.
12. John is very smart.
13. I liked him even when I knew him as Elder O (scandalous- ha ha)
14. Still gets jealous, and almost down right angry, when someone talks about an old boyfriend of mine.
15. Still likes to take me out on dates.
16. Kind, kind, kind
17. Still makes me laugh

Some old pics of waaayyyy back when...Just love the big bushy hair--Wowzers!


Lots of Laugh's said...

I just love it!! You guys are so cute. Your girls look just like you!Happy engagement anniversary!!!

Heather Davies said...

Haha, those pictures are priceless! Although, your high school ones really showcase your makeup more. John is a great guy! You forgot to mention how good he is at science! :) I remember always coming to him if I had questions in high school. He always had very good analogies and applications. Too bad teachers don't get paid more! :)

John said...

Hi Heidi,
It's been a wonderful 17+ years! Can't think of anyone I'd rather be coming home to tonight. Glad you said yes. These pics of you are a serious turn-o.....is this microphone on?

Erin said...

You guys are still Hilarious! Congrats. I love the old pictures, I have one of the four of us at Lagoon. We were sooooo young.

Tai said...

You two are so cute together, such a great couple!! I love all the old pics! I think it is so funny to look back at dating and engagements, etc. Everyone looks way to young to be getting married!!

Peterson Pack of Wild Dogs said...

THANK YOU for sharing these great memories and pictures! You guys look sooo young! How does that happen...aging? Happy anniversary--oh and I love the blue and pink couch. Didn't you love those colors!?!

Andrus Family said...

Those pictures are awesome! Call me.

Curtis & Nichole said...

Happy 17th :) I love the pictures and ALL the funny stories/moments you share.

Have fun in disney land:) if I wasn't ready to pop I might have to hide in one of your suitcases.
Love ya

Ashley and Cody said...

I LOVE these pictures of you two. You two are so cute together and such great people. We will always be grateful we moved next to you in Indianapolis. It is fun keeping in touch through blogging.

Kazmin Nye said...

Love the pics !!! Where has the time gone...another FYI...the little girl hiding underneath the sacrament table yesterday was Kennedy Kuhn..It was so funny !!!

NatureGirl said...

I don't even know what to say, those pix...oh the 90's...You are right about all the things you said about your great husband. I hope you know though, that he and all the rest of us think that it goes double for his beautiful wife! Congrats you two!!!