Friday, February 6, 2009

Busy week

We have been busy this week. Between school, homework, gymnastics, Young Womens, piano lessons, etc. we also had dentist appointments, and hair cuts. Haley and I went to "THE Dentist". Haley was fun to watch in the chair. She just looked so tiny in that huge chair. Whenever the hygienist would talk to her with instruments in her mouth, she would just say, "uh-huh". She kept smiling at me like she was so proud at how good she was being. I, on the other hand, did not do so good this time. I cannot believe I have a flippen cavity! What the....! I don't mind going to see MY dentist. I just don't enjoy dental work. I'm a much better patient now then I was as a child. I just remember crying in the dental chair. I'm sure that my dentist just wanted to smack me. Growing up, my dentist was in my ward. Whenever I passed him in the hall I would not smile at him. I didn't even want him to see my teeth. I was afraid that he would spot a cavity in my mouth. (I love the way kids think). I don't mind the shot so much (I'm not saying I love it), it's just the dang drill. When that thing "fires up" I get the chills, my hands start to sweat, and I feel like I could do a back-bend in the chair...which says a lot as I am not very flexible any more. It also doesn't help that it is my husband inflicting the pain on me. I have to concentrate to not reach over and punch him, or move his hand when I am in pain.
Haley feels so comfortable in the office. John bought the practice when she was 4 months old.
What a good little patient.

Haley getting her hair cut.

Riley, Brynn, and Haley after their hair cuts. Riley and Brynn both had several inches cut off. They all look so cute!!


NatureGirl said...

Well, I already knew this, but you have some of the most beautiful kids in the world! Keep taking those pix...

Peterson Pack of Wild Dogs said...

Cute girls. They are all such the cookie cutters. Just like the molds we keep here at our house. I'm glad that you guys were able to get into see the DENTIST. We need to get that done still. You're good at keeping up with this blog thing Heidi. I love your posts.

Jennifer Nielson said...

Heidi! I'm glad you commented on my blog--it is nice to hear from you and see your cute family! You must be living in Idaho Falls? Your kids look so much like the Andrus' I remember from my childhood! Isn't it fun to have girls--and I am SO happy I have a boy! (boys sports is very exciting) I love the pictures you are taking on your 365 blog--what camera are you using? I just got a Canon Rebel XSI for Christmas and need to learn how to use it. What a small world--I didn't know you knew Kristin. And too, a family moved into our area (it is a great event in our small town)--the husband Jake Speelmon knows and speaks highly of your family and Charise.
I also wanted to comment on your post about Brian--I remember the event clearly and think about it from time to time. It is amazing that it was 26 years ago, because I am still sad for you. Isn't it wonderful that we have hope--the Plan is such a beautiful gift. The quest to be together forever seems much more important and more real.
I hope it is ok that I link you on my blog. You should sign up on facebook (well, if you enjoy wasting time). There are lots of friends from high school on. I just got in contact with Marci Eames. We need an Osgood reunion!