Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I stand corrected

I was driving in the car today with Haley. When Haley and I are in the car, we like to listen to the radio. Haley mostly likes to listen to songs that girls sing. When a song starts playing she will say, "Is this a girl song, or a boy song?" Today there was a "girl song" playing and she asked me if it was Hannah Montana (she says it Honna Montana). I told her I didn't think that it was Hannah Montana. She then said, "Well it sounds like Honna Montana." We finished listening to the song and the D.J. said that it was in fact Hannah Montana. I said to Haley, "You were right, it was Hannah Montana." Her reply was, "told ya!"

How does a 3 year old get to be so dang smart? Riley and Brynn are past the stage of listening to Hannah Montana. We just don't listen to her very often these days. But I think that we are entering the faze of listening to her again. I just love little girls.


NatureGirl said...

Especially THAT little girl. What a doll!

Peterson Pack of Wild Dogs said...

Don't you love being corrected? Especially by your kids! I can't stand Hanna Montana, but what's even worse is that Ayva's favorite song is "shoulda put a ring on it" by Beyonce. Can a song be any more annoying.