Monday, August 23, 2010

Father / Daughter

John recently took Brynn on a Father/Daughter camping trip. Brynn was very excited because it was just the two of them. They had planned the trip for a long time. They drove to Palisades, after John got home from work, and planned to sleep in the van that night. They got there kind of late, so sleeping in the van was probably a good thing.

The next morning they planned on hiking to the upper Palisades lake. They had to hike in with all their gear. Tent, sleeping bags, food, fishing pole, clean get the picture. They packed light and tight. Of course Brynn packed her blanket and little lamb stuffed animal named "Fleecy". She just couldn't leave them home. In the picture below you can see Fleecy poking her head out the top of the backpack. I'm sure that Brynn did that by design. After all, Fleecy needs to breath and see.

The hike to the upper Palisades lake is kind of difficult. Especially when you have a big pack on your back. I've heard that Brynn did great.

Tired and happy to be there.

When they got home they were tired and dirty, but I know that they had a great time. I'm sure that Brynn can't wait to do it again.

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Dr. John Owen said...

I had a great time. Brynn was so fun to go with. What a great attitude...all the way in and all the way out. I'd go again with her in a heartbeat! She's a trooper and a pal. Loved being with her and look forward to the next one!