Sunday, August 1, 2010

Roller Coaster

Lately I have felt (in no particular order)...


My dad was in the hospital for 4 days this week. (Most people reading this know that he has cancer.) Anyway...He went in on Tuesday morning and didn't get out until Friday afternoon. It just so happened to be the week of girls camp for my ward. So, Riley was gone and I was unable to go up and spend any time with the Young Women. That was my choice. I just didn't dare leave. I was afraid that I would get out of cell phone range and have my dad take a turn for the worse. Monday night my dad complained of a sore throat. When my mom told me this, I instantly felt complete panic. I knew that a fever would follow. Tuesday morning he started getting a fever. The doctor sent them over to the hospital that day.

Wednesday night was a very scary night for all of us. They were giving him different kinds of medicine to bring the fever down and nothing was working. My dad was totally lethargic. The staff at the hospital had a hard time getting his fever to come down. They packed ice behind his neck and under his arm pits. At that time they also came in and put a wrist band on him that had big black letters DNR, meaning Do Not Resuscitate. Seeing him with that wrist band is a hard pill to swallow. Do. Not. Resuscitate. For a lack of better words, That sucks. It just doesn't seem right.

Dad also had the stomach flu while he was up there. One of the times I was visiting I saw him sitting at the side of his bed. I just could not believe how skinny he looked. He just looked so very very fragile. I have NEVER used the word fragile to describe my dad. He has also developed a bad cough. This makes me so very nervous.

My dad asked his doctor if he could go to church on Sunday. The doctor told him that it would be okay and that he doesn't need to wear a mask. I think the doctor would just like him to live out his last days doing what he wants. My dad plans on mowing his lawn on Monday. He has had SO many offers...people want to mow it for him. He just really wants to do it. My mom told me that he gave both the oncologist here and the one in Utah a Book of Mormon. He sure is an inspiration to everyone.

JUST TO LET YOU KNOW...continuing from earlier post...

My dad was well enough to perform the temple sealing for my nephew and is darling wife. That was such a special time for all of us. We were blessed to be in the temple witnessing my dad marry a family member for the first and last time. It was a great day. We were also able to get one last family picture with my parents and all my siblings.

Some pictures from that day...
Justin and Alli

My great dad and 4 awesome brothers.

My mom and dad outside the temple.

I took a few pictures of my kids while waiting for the photographer that took lots of family pictures.

Me, my 7 gorgeous-wonderful sisters, and one proud papa.

MORE UPDATE: My dad was also well enough to give a talk in sacrament meeting last week. He prepared some of his talk while he was in the hospital. At that time, my mom called me and said that my dad wanted his lap top so he could work on his talk.

This past Monday my dad went and did his home teaching. I guarantee he was not feeling good at the time.

I have really taken a hard look at the way I live my life. Would I be working on a talk if I were in the hospital? Would I give Visiting Teaching a second thought if I were sick? My dad is such a great example to me.


Heather Davies said...

That choked me up when Bro Rammell came in and he said he had done is home teaching. He is a doer that us for sure!
Can't wait to see more pictures of Justin's wedding!

DST said...

Heidi, what great pictures. Your kids have grown up so much. They are all beautiful. I am very touched by your posts about your dad. I could always tell from being around you and the stories about your family that you came from a wonderful and extraordinary family and parents. Our hearts go out to you and your family. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Love, Trent & Debbie

Kristy and Casey said...

Thanks for the update and the insight. I always knew he was an amazing man, but to be still doing all he is, that's extrodinary. What a great example to us all.

NatureGirl said...

He is an example to all of us... Anyone who has ever had the privilege of shaking his hand, being in his home, being in an interview with him or hearing him speak. He is a Christian.

lindygirl said...

I have been thinking of you all week and wondering how your family has been doing. Thanks for the post. It is interesting to me that I used the same phrase, "roller coaster."
I am sorry this is so hard, but I am glad that you can be there for your family.
Lots of love

Robyn said...

Wow Heidi,
I've never met your dad and he is certainly a man of example to me....and I will rethink a few areas of my life after reading this.
Thanks for sharing!

Robyn said...

Wow Heidi,
I've never met your dad and he is certainly a man of example to me....and I will rethink a few areas of my life after reading this.
Thanks for sharing!

Ashley said...

Heidi, I've been thinking about your family a whole lot these last few weeks. You are all so strong, I'll never remember all the times I spent the night at your house and having family prayer and scripture study with your dad. He is such a great example and continues to be so. Sending my love and prayers your way.

Geri said...

Heidi, you have such an amazing family. I am jealous of all the time that Ryan seems run into you guys. I need him to let me in on the events. He said that your dad's talk and sacrament meeting were great!
Please let me know if there is anything I can do.