Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The ALL night wrestling match

Haley LOVES, LOVES, LOVES sleeping with her stuffed animals.  She especially loves this big tan dog.  It is so funny to go in a check on her, long after we have tucked her in for the night.  It seems like more often then not, we come out of her room laughing.  Sometimes she is on top of the dog, and sometimes the dog is on top of her.  I wonder if she is waking up tired from her all night wresting match.  We sure love our cute little Haley.

I think he is getting the best of her here.  I had to take him off her sweaty head.


Heather Davies said...

Haha, not even staged. Love it!

Emily Andrus said...

She is a sound sleeper. What a cutie. I love the family pictures you took. I can't believe how your kids are growing. We miss you guys!