Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Last night Haley accidentally jabbed her gums and they were bleeding a little.  She kept asking me if she needed to go to see her dad at the office.  I told her that she would be okay, and that she did not need to go.  Haley kept telling me that it tasted so gross.  To get her point across she said, "This tastes like old gum stuck to a pole."  Oh boy, I hope she is not speaking from experience.


Heather Davies said...

haha, oh boy! She's so cute. That's funny that she was teasing you about the make-up situation.
But, really--everyone does like you AND John! What's not to like, right? I'd compare you to a fine wine rather than cats and dogs! :)

NatureGirl said...

You do not let her walk home from school passed the "gum pole" do you?

Tai said...

Um that is hilarious. I hope also that she is not speaking from experience!! Gross! I love the funny things kids say!!