Monday, November 19, 2012

Attitude of Gratitude - Day 18

Day 18 - I am so grateful for modern medicine.  I have sure had my fair share of doctor appointments lately.  Is that what happens when you turn 40? (and dang it, I'm going to be 41 soon)!  Bugger!

Back in July I had a collagenoma cut out of my foot.  I am still dealing with that little lovely.  I now have quite a large amount of scar tissue on the bottom of my foot that I am dealing with.  Next week I will see a podiatrist to ask him a few questions.  Hopefully I can get that all squared away so I can start exercising regularly again.  So, my left foot is all jacked up.

I have also been seeing a Physical Therapist because I hurt my shoulder some how.  I'm not quite sure what the heck I did.  I just woke up one morning with a shoulder issue.  I'm starting to wonder if it has anything to do with my bike wreck that happened over a year ago, or maybe I just do some serious gymnastics in my sleep.

Not sure if I blogged about that joyous occasion where I became better acquainted with my driveway.  Yes, I was introduced to my driveway when I was riding my bike and multi-tasking.  Riding, braking, messing with my garage door opener, wet driveway.  I went over the front and down...hard, oh so hard.  The icing on the cake was all the roofers on my next door neighbor's roof watching it all play out.  Good heck.  I'm sure it wasn't even a little bit graceful and I'm quite certain I swore a couple of times.  So, my right shoulder is all jacked up.

I am hoping that I will be good as new soon, or at least as new as an old 40 year old.

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