Monday, June 1, 2009

Jace's Baptism

Saturday was kind of a big day at our house-- Jace was baptized, and it was our (John and I) 17th wedding anniversary.

Saturday we got up and got things ready for a party at our house after the baptism. It was a Stake baptism and there were 10 kids to be baptized that day. Jace's name was last of the list. My sisters Lori, Lynette, Monica, Pauline, Charise, and I sang the song Baptism during the program. My parents were unable to go to the baptism because they were in L.A. at my brothers Dental School graduation. But, even with them gone, we had a great turn out from the family. With family and friends, I'm sure that we had over 40 people there, just to see Jace.

When Jace came up out of the water, he made a "Ahhhh" sound under his breath. We all had to chuckle a little. It was such a sound of satisfaction. Kind of like the sound you make when you are really thirsty and get a big cold drink.

When we were all finished at the church, we went to my house for lunch. The kids had a great time eating and playing outside.

Later that evening John and I went out to dinner to celebrate our anniversary. We were both a little tired and worn out from the days events, but that didn't stop us from going. I'm lucky to be married to such a great guy!


NatureGirl said...

It can't be! You guys are way too young for 17 years! Yeah Jace!

lindygirl said...

Congratulations!! What a great day for your family.