Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Last Day of School Messin'

The kids had a 1/2 day of school today. Basically it was Field Day. They spent almost the entire time playing games outside. It was a fun day for them. Last day of school + friends = Par-tay!

Yesterday when Riley received the "Hero Award" she was also given a $25 gift certificate to WalMart. Well, as most parents know...when children have money burning a hole in their pocket, they NEED to spend it. It is not a want, but a need. When I say need I mean, covet, die for, hanker, gotta have, ache, crave. So after school, Riley and her friend Heidi were dropped off at WalMart to "blow the wad", so to speak! Riley came home with a cute shirt, scarf, and purse. She was a happy girl. I am slowly trying to let go of the reins and let her do things without me. I'm finding it a little hard to do. I offered to go with them, but sadly they thought they could do it without me. Ouch!
They took these pictures with my cell phone while they were there. CrAzY girls!

Party like a rock star!

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NatureGirl said...

Be grateful. Last time my teenage daughter did this, she and her friends felt the urge to take their pix with big slabs of meat! IDK!!!