Monday, June 8, 2009

Trying to be productive...and such...

Well now that school is out, I am trying my darndest to keep my kids productive and fairly busy. Riley had only been out of school 1 day when she told me that she was totally bored and wished that school was starting sooner. I just wanted to laugh. Everyday my kids are supposed to get their "Job Charts" done. They have only been out of school for a few days, and when I mention the curse words, "Job Charts" they just want to roll over and die. But, frankly--I don't give a...well you know. Their "Job Charts" include things like--make bed, brush teeth, read, journal, chores, piano, you get the picture. All the tasks on the chart are easy and don't require a whole lot of time. If they got up and got it done...they could have it done in NO TIME. But, unfortunately it has required nagging, badgering, hounding, raising my voice, threats of selling the t.v., once again, I'm sure you get the picture (don't you wish you were a fly on the wall?). I guess that is my job as a mom. Maybe someday they will thank me (hopefully not resent me). I just have such high hopes of my kids being well rounded and good at several things. Sometimes I wonder if I expect too much of them. After all they are just kids.

I just finished reading the book, "Being the Mom - 10 coping strategies I learned by accident because I had children on purpose" by Emily Watts. It was such a fun book to read. I learned a lot, and would highly recommend it to anyone who has kids. There were several different things she said in the book that were GOOD for me... "The days may seem long, but the years will get away from you if you're not careful. Overlook what you can, correct what you have to, pour love into every decision you make, and you'll look back without regret."

The other day, I witnessed something that hit me over the head like a ton of bricks. I was at my kitchen sink watching Riley outside. She was standing on our toddler slide looking over our fence talking to 2 boys her age (one is our backyard neighbor). I started fast forwarding in my mind. She will be 13 in a couple of months. That means she will be turning 18 in 5 years and heading out off to college. My heart just sank and I wanted to bawl. I only have 5 more years!! Dental school was 4 years and that seemed to go by in a flash!!! Where did the time go? It has made me want to change from being "Badger Mom" to being more "Nice Mom". But, Rome was not built in a day. And I do have a LOT of the Doug A. blood running through my veins. What I mean by that is---you must work hard and be very productive. I'm not saying that is a bad quality...I just need to find a happy medium. Happy medium, happy medium, I gotta remember that one!! I'm a tough-ole-broad with a thick-head so cross your fingers for me.

Oh to be a kid again!

The darn boob-tube.

Brynn is still lovin' her blankey.

Jace is caught trying to seek a popsicle downstairs.


Heather Davies said...

That sounds like a book I would like! You may have a lot of Doug A blood, but you also have a lot of Deanna in you. Sometimes you have to be a little tough to be nice. I don't have a lot of experience as a parent, but I've learned that as a teacher kids respect you and like having boundaries. So, basically what I'm saying is--I know you're an awesome mom! :)

Tai said...

I think it is a parents job to nag, and a kids job to complain. I have noticed that unless my kids are doing something totally fun they are complaining. I also notice when we are doing to many fun things because in the middle of doing that fun thing they are asking what is next??? It makes me want to scream. I just feel like they are so unappreciative at times. You are a great mom. I totally remember complaining about jobs but now I have my kids do them too. What is so bad about learning to be part of a family??? I think if we are all being honest all of our houses probably sound a lot like yours!!

Peterson Pack of Wild Dogs said...

Why is it whenever you take a break you wake up to popcycles and melted sticky messes all over the floor and furniture? I love that picture of Jace!